Creative Director



Mimi gained recognition with brand companies such as Mizani and Soft Sheen Carson. She is Highly respected in the professional hair care industry as a business owner , hair stylist and educator.

 Acquiring an educational contract with top industry L'Oreal companies allowing MIMI to travel, educate stylist' and freelance with M.A.C. cosmetics-creating beautiful paletes on individuals and help to build self-confidence.. Through these experiences MIMI-MICHELLE  has been compelled by her mantra which exudes, Beauty is Confidence...Dare To Be Different!  With that motivation she is filled with confidence to stand behind the chair and travel and meet great individuals and continue to seek as much knowledge there is to know about business and the beauty industry to bring it back to you.

When it comes to haircare and styling she will listen to and aim to achieve your goals. When it comes to favs, her signature coloring techniques coupled with a superb haircutt will leave you feeling soooo good that people will start to ask you to  introduce ME.

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